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The Masters Course in Magick

To anyone who is wondering about this school: Victoria David Danaan has the ability to sift through centuries of information and misinformation, find what is true and right and good, and pass it on in a way that is both understandable and sensible. My daughter and I have been her students for 2 years, and we hope our learning never ends.

... hang on to your conical hat, you are in for the ride of your life! - Debra & Karah Poulin

Nondenominational training in the Magickal Arts. Unique, ethical three-year, mystery school course.

Our students are on a journey of discovery of self and their UNIQUE relationship to authentic magick. This course is designed and dedicated to the belief that one answer does not fit all. You must find your OWN path to The Source. We will help you do that.

We do not recognize degrees, certifications or titles. This training is not for the ego-driven. You will not be required to memorize useless lists and compilations that will not serve you in any way so that you can make claim to a title that is questionable at least and dubious at most.

We do offer a way to authentic Magick.  If you feel driven to find and refine the Witch or Sorcerer within, you've come to the right place. to view cr.

There are a lot of schools out there, but, before you place your trust in a teacher, ask yourself how many are backed by the credibility of someone like Victoria David Danann, whose planner systems (melding magick with the mundane) are used and relied upon by many thousands of Witches everyday? You can be part of the next evolution of Magickal Arts -- a new approach that exalts the unique contribution of the individual; in other words, an organic approach to magick. Join us.

 Over a period of forty years I acquired what is, for all I know, one of the most extensive libraries on the subject of magick, esoterica and mysticism ever amassed. I spent thousands of dollars on journeys and access to engage the masters of many disciplines. Since then these principles have been crunched in the crucible and refined through study, experience, and experimentation to form my own Magickal philosophy and system. At the behest of devotees of Seasons of the Witch, I have organized this knowledge into a progressive format so that it can be offered to you. You are led to the door. Whether or not you enter is up to you and no one will think less of you if you do not choose the path of the Magician.

I am not just a merchant. I am also a believer following a path that I never expected to become a mission. I hope that you can benefit from my experience and save yourself the dead-ends, silly distractions and falsehoods that are often presented as genuine magick.- Victoria David Danann


Please take a moment to read what some of our students have written. click here for FEEDBACK  You will also find pages of testimonials on our 7th House and SIA Facebook pages.

You are a prospective candidate if your inner guide informs you that Witchcraft is not and cannot be made to be a stagnant collection of rigid rules. Our foundation philosophy is that magick is a living, growing mystery that engages on a personal, even visceral, level. It is a joyful mix of practice and perspective that will ultimately elude those who believe "one answer fits all". If you have learned everything you know about magick from someone else, you haven't yet scratched the surface because real magick is not a static group of dusty exercises, but a living, growing Art that is uniquely individual and highly experiential. The purpose of the school will be to assist individuals with their personal quests to find and perfect the sorcerer who lives within.

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