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I am coming to the end of my third-year “Adeptus” training in the School of Avalon “Season’s” Witch-school. There have been several posts here about the simplicity or basic information in these lessons and I would like to add my own opinion after three years.

I come from a highly Christian upbringing but have been an Eclectic Witch (in the Broom closet) for most of my life. As an adult, I have investigated and tried many different paths. When I started this school, my knowledge was medium to advance in many different areas.

I have enjoyed this school and looked forward to the monthly postings. My life has changed in ways that I cannot share here, but the teachings have had a very high impact in my life. If you are considering taking these classes, I would highly recommend them for the following reasons: 

1)        The lessons take you back to basics (which I think is good for reminders and to brush up on skills that need dusted off); and then they build from there. If you think that the lessons are too easy, wait and refresh your memories. 

2)        The price is outstanding for these types of lessons. At times in the past three years I have had little income, but these lessons were still accessible due to the low cost.

3)        Season’s lessons assume a general stance that does not push a particular path. No matter what your path preference, these lessons teach you basic concepts and then build from there. Even with my 30 plus years of learning, I have learned to look at things a new way. I would do this again without qualms.

4)        If you want to be a Solitary Witch, you are able to learn and follow the lessons with ease. If you are seeking companionship and a group of like minded individuals, you also have the benefit of others in your class (and those who have gone before) who can share thoughts and information.

Overall, the Seasons in Avalon Witch-School is the best school I have attended to date. With all my “schooling” and the 40 plus books I have on hand, I would still take the lessons offered here again. Thank you for producing and offering these classes.

RaAnn (AutumnRa`) Clegg


To anyone who is wondering about this school: Victoria David Danaan has the ability to sift through centuries of information and misinformation, find what is true and right and good, and pass it on in a way that is both understandable and sensible. My daughter and I have been her students for 2 years, and we hope our learning never ends.

... hang on to your conical hat, you are in for the ride of your life! - Debra & Karah Poulin

I just received my 13th lesson of my first year. WOW!! What a journey! Thank you for this incredible work!! Many blessings and may more find their way to you. (((LOVE))) - Melanie Wallace

Just started recently and love it. Thanks for a great first lesson. It doesn't matter how much you know... or how far you 'think' you are in your path... this blows it away and makes you have a paradigm shift which is so sorely needed ... this will change my life. I am confident. Quantum Physics Meet Magick... - Monika Bernhard

Greetings and Blessings to all for a wonderful New Year! I have just completed my first year with Season in Avalon. It has been wonderful! I am so glad I found you! - Kari Asbury

Thank you for inviting me to become a part of your fans on Facebook. I love my program in Seasons of Avalon. I am starting my second year in January. I look forward to each month. I never used to do any rituals in my pagan practice. I didn't think it was necessary, but now I know the value of doing them. It makes me a ...part of the magic that is happening. This is a terrific program and it is not just memorizing words and recipes, but teaching us how to learn about ourselves. - Martha Morris

I received the Primer 2nd Edition this last week. I've been around the block a few times through many paths and have explored an lot of things regarding Earth Honoring paths. (Long story).
I love your school's materials and publications. My only regret was waiting about a year before getting the Primer as a companion to the calendar. When I look over my library of materials and the funds I have spent on/at various trainings, etc.  Though I am only on lesson 3, I could tell from lesson 1, that you folks were/are totally on track and delivering a much needed true teaching context and inspiration and understand what works and what does not.
I'm serious - most don't get it, and your information is 2nd to none, and very well done.
I would suggest that you require the Primer & Calendar as a prerequisite for the training, and perhaps put a starter package together or make it easy for people to buy. Your materials and information are worth many times what you are charging. I think it is also awesome that your school is a family owned and operated business. Anyway - I am enjoying everything immensely. Thank you to you, and everyone for all that you do. Your business and school is a much needed "light" in a very odd and interesting world. - David, Gresham, Oregon (name and location used with student's permission)

Follow-up from David at end of first year:

As I near the completion of my first year I wanted to say thank you.  I am not new to some of the elements of knowledge taught through your course.  I have a very diverse and extensive life path of exploration of religion(s), spirituality and similar things during my 45 years on planet Earth.  Your knowledge and what you emphasis is unique rooted in contexts so right that I was surprised to find them as they align with conclusions I have made throughout my lifetime.

I wish I would of encountered your training years ago when I began exploring magickal studies...yet perhaps that diverse path of blind exploration is perfect for my deep appreciation for what I am learning.  I not only find new insights, but deeper insights and understanding through your course.

... I am"Warrior/Healer, Father, Sage".  The world needs more spiritually awake honorable men for our "Maiden's, Mother's and Crone's."  It is a platform I hope to encourage and teach other men around.  

You bring honor to all you know and teach.  You make the world a better place.  I look forward to year two.


May I take this opportunity to say that the lessons are superb!!!

(Audio version.) I have listened to it twice. Hearing her (Victoria's) voice has made a tremendous difference. Thank you for making something that seems so text, schoolish - very personal. EFFECTIVE!!!

I found Lesson One very powerful already.  Lifelong dreams are being realized, a new job is opened up, wheels are set in motion for me to move.

I am ecstatic at our courses ... First off I must say that since I started the course my entire life view has slightly tilted (in a very good way). A lot of the "magickalness" has come back into my life, I feel as if I were seven-years-old again! I have Mockingbirds talking to me, faeries knocking on my doors and ideas --oh my Goddess Mari -- the juices are FLOWING.

I would like to comment on this course. I have been practicing since I was approximately 15 years old. I'm now 42. I think I've learned more in the past two months about myself than I have in all my previous years. I've read quite a lot of books, but nothing compares to your course. I'm removing my blockages, I'm having fun, I'm feeling more in tune with myself and the Powers of Be than I ever have. I can feel the energy and vibrations flow and surround me like never before. I'm feeling much more powerful not to mention good things are happening all the time. I'm looking at life in a whole new way. I wish I could put in words just how grateful I am to have found you. Even though I am a solitary, it's nice to know I have someone I can go to when I have a problem or just to say hi. It's awesome, I'm elated and you should be very proud of yourself. I am! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wish you all the joy and good fortune this universe can supply! Blessed Be!!!!

I just wanted to share with you, IT WORKED. I received my request and the funds to do so. I have been needing some dental work for awhile now and have no insurance, was worse than I thought though. I needed all new teeth instead of just a few and managed to come up with the funds too! This is GREAT!!!!!!! Have a blessed day.
Just wanted to mention that since the first day I started with the 1st lesson, I noticed things changing in my life. I feel differently, and my thoughts on what I have wanted are slowly surfacing in minute ways, even without my final closure. As you mentioned, in so many words, as soon as we begin, the spell starts it's magick before it is completed, at least it has been for me. ...  I am looking forward to ... my future in the Art of Witchcraft and magick.

These teachings have been a really pleasurable experience thus far. It has such a personal touch and the depth of heart is palpable. Thank you for all of your time, energy and wisdom.

I have an extremely busy schedule with many demands. These lessons not only serve to learn, it is a time of retreat and relaxation....."my time". 

I cannot even begin to express what your Planner, the Primer, and now your Witch School has done for my Craft (yes--even with this the first cycle). There are no kooky personalities to follow in this system. Thank GOODNESS that there was someone truly interested in 'maturing' the pagan community, and not just looking for groupies! Brightest blessings and continued success!

I couldn't think of anything "material" that I wanted for the manifesting spell. After 17 years, I finally cleared out the last of my debt on December 21st and my current desires are for weight/fitness/health.  Following your Q/A, I realized that wasn't an appropriate choice so I thought I might focus on a series of collectibles that were discontinued in 1997-1999 but I wanted one a very reasonable price. You only find them on the secondary market (such as eBay) and the prices can range from $300-1500 or more (anything over $400 was NOT a price I was willing to pay). I collect them so, it would be nice, but not urgent. Today I ran to a "new age" bookstore for a fireproof container, then decided for no apparent reason to run two blocks down the street to a modern furniture store that I don't like. I wandered through the store (still not knowing why I was there) and, on the way out, I found two of these collectibles on a table. They didn't go with anything else in the store, the employees didn't know where they had come from - they aren't even authorized to carry them - and they were 20% off the $69.99 prices of 1999. Needless to say, I bought them both - and said thank you. I obviously hadn't done the spell, hadn't even written the quatrain. I know it wasn't a coincidence.

Hello. Just wanted to say that it is always such a delight to find something in my inbox from SIA.  Each bit of information I treasure and just wanted to send this email as a THANK YOU for taking time out of your life to help and teach me and others. THANKS AGAIN!

As I was reading the first assignment outside, a small (young?) gray dove landed directly in front of me, stayed until I started writing my experience in my journal. I was astounded - this has never happened to me before. Has to be good -- any meaning? Reading the bonus material, I thought it would take a week to complete the preparation as I am not good at poetry. I was amazed when I started writing and finished in less than five minutes -- it just came to me. 



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